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Electronic notices do not replace physical posting requirements in traditional worksites. An employer must still display physically posted copies of mandatory labor law notices in a location that is accessible to all employees that frequent their physical workplace.

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Labor Law Poster Compliance in the Modern Hybrid Workplace 

Here Are Just a Few of the Features:

Digital Service Accessed through Online Platform

Simple, Dashboard-Style Portal for Each Employee

Includes all Federal, State, County and City Notices + Updates

Labor Law Content Backed by a $25,000 'We Pay The Fine' Guarantee

Employees Prompted to Acknowledge Receipt of all Notices

Dashboard and Reporting for the Employer

It is your obligation as an employer to communicate current employee laws and rights to all employees, even if they are working remotely. 

This task can be difficult and tedious. Consider a couple high-risk scenarios:

An employee that normally works from your physical workplace begins working from home, but home is in a different city, county or even state and has different labor law requirements. 

New federal and state labor law updates are released for Earned Sick Time and FMLA regulations (based on COVID-19), but your workforce is not onsite to access them in the breakroom.  

There is a remote employee dispute or lawsuit stemming from Paid Leave, Pregnancy Accommodation, Discrimination, Gender Equity, Minimum Wage, Working Conditions, etc. and the remote employee did not have access to the applicable labor law notice(s).   

Once we turn on your ePosterService subscription, you will get an invite to the system. You will need to log in and invite your remote employees. Learn how to access the system and invite employees here.  

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Already Signed Up?

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